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by Danielle de Picciotto

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Hail 05:25 video
Deliverance 05:59
Spring 13:13
Sehnsucht 05:07


Danielle de Picciotto's new album Deliverance which is being released by the label Louder Than War on May 15, will be obtainable as a hard cover vinyl collector’s item featuring 24 pages of the art she has created during her years of traveling including a hand signed screen print. Her black and white ink sketches that also overlay colorful backgrounds reveal her personal state of mind and emotions in a college of images and textures that expand her musical visions into a fascinating three-dimensional experience. The Hardcover case will also contain a download link, which includes two more tracks not on the vinyl album. The digital version of the album will be distributed by Morr Music via all digital retailers and platforms.

Deliverance speaks of these travels and the state of our world from an eagle’s perspective. Despair and hope lie side by side, mirroring the dark shadows and beauty she has experienced on her journey. Her music is a mixture of spoken word, electronic soundscapes, melancholic violin harmonies, and surreal choirs, moving back and forth from experimental sounds to beautiful melodies managing thus to blend hope and despair into a cosmos of constant flux. Imagine Laurie Anderson dancing with This Mortal Coil in a strange wasteland of dreams and sounds, that is Danielle´s universe. It is one that faces reality and its challenges with mystical, dreamlike wisdom, discovering solutions in unexpected alcoves, offering hope and wonder as an alternative.

Danielle de Picciotto was born a nomad on the army base Ft Lewis in Tacoma, Washington. Thus her journey started, moving from one base to another for years. In 1987 she moved from NYC to Berlin to initiate the Berlin Love Parade together with her then boyfriend Dr. Motte, to create the Ocean Club with Gudrun Gut, one of her longest standing collaborators, to be engaged to the late Roland Wolf of the Bad Seeds, to become the renown singer of the Berlin Band Space Cowboys, to exhibit her art and films internationally in museums and from 2001 to start collaborating with Alexander Hacke, founding member of Einstürzende Neubauten. They got married in 2006 and with him her travels continue. The artist couple gave up their home in Berlin 2010 and has been touring the world since.

Deliverance Lyrics:


Et Arripueri

The narrow road is where I stand
There is no mercy in the end
And even that I do not ask
Et Arripueri (Do not give up)

The path is steep and filled with briars
They tear my face and soul
They give no care if I survive
Et Arripueri (Do not give up)

The beast comes out when sun has set
They’re out to strike me down
My bleeding wounds drip on my trail
Et Arripueri (Do not give up)

The ice and rainfall chill my bones
The tempest comes and goes
The sun burns down upon my head
Et Arripueri (Do not give up)

The moons dark shadows light my way
Through silent woods and slopes
My journey is a lonely guest
Et Arripueri (Do not give up)

And so they fall
The Knights of the Round Table
One by one
Into the pits of their own making
And they cry for mercy
But there is non of that left
They took care of that a long time ago
“But we did not know what we were doing they cry”
That is what Jesus said when they were nailing him to the cross
and then washed their hands in innocence
Or was it blood
The blood they have on their hands now is ours.

Dark Butterfly

Your flying in the dark
Your wings are torn and frayed
Where have your idols left you?
Alone, bewildered and afraid
The beast has killed its hostage
The blood has spilled unto the ground
How many souls have left you
How will you stop the madden crowd
Crows Siren
And they cried for shelter from their own war
How could you lose compassion
What happened to your soul
You only bore destruction
And turned our earth into a dust bowl
Oh cease your endless fires
Give up your deadly game
The worlds a flame with fury
A dying planet moaning in its shame
And they cried for deliverance from their crimes but there was none for they had burned all their bridges
Oh hear the weeping willows
It burns within your hell
All creatures tried to save you
But you ignored the deadly knell
Lay down your poisoned arrows
Give up your fatal arms
Kneel down and pray for mercy
And that the storm calms down


Protect me from the mistake
of separating my heart
from my soul and spirit.
The three kings brought fruit to strengthen me.
But the single star was double.
Cause there are always two sides to a coin.
The head and the tail.
Leaving me to count
seven days and seven nights.
For I will die alone far from the home I never had.
My heart feels blue
But more for you.
I am the mountain I climb
And the wind that brushes my cheek.
And look after your loved ones.
Their wisdom speaks of ages gone by.
Pearls, red lipstick and a Chanel suit with perfume.
Is it the sky of the wise?
Drop by drop your DNA drips into my jagular vein.
Nothin stays.
Everybody is the guest of honor at our chemical wedding.
If you want to understand the universe.
look up.
The forgotten stars are still there in plain sight.
I had a dream in which an angel asked me what is really worthwhile?
The melancholy of your resistance?
Just stretch your hand across the abyss.
We will warm each others missing links.
Knit together like a cashmere shawl.
Swan always Swan over muddy water.
His shadow is mine within the burning cities.
And mountains of outcast dolls and teddy bears.
Where has my time gone?
Where is the small girl who believed she was adopted.
Always an alien in her dirndl.
Never fitting the puzzle pieces.

Like the crazy lady in the greyhound bus
wearing a green satin evening gown
and smoking a cigarette next to the gasoline pump.

Where is the heart if you don´t have a home.
Fear is the poisoned arrow
shot by the dying joker in revenge for no one laughing.
Why are people never on their best behavior if they love you?
Why are we so violent?
When he said art is a luxury nobody needs
my heart broke into.
Black flies covering the floor
You can be unhappy everywhere
But I am the happiest when I hear birds sing
In my secret garden.
I lost the keys but it is still there.
Potatoes on your eyes prevent dark rings.
And turmeric helps the body digest protein and longevity.
But do I want to live forever?
Is it time?
The monster hides in the shadows but truth is its secret twin.
I am the painted bird that circles the moon
crying help, help around and around again
Because we cannot stop, cannot drop
Dancing with the stars, in love,
What is love?
Will anything last forever?


Dancing in the rain

All my sorrows touch the jagged stain
Where’s my tomorrow?
Nothing left but rain

All the shadows fall upon the ground
No more parties
I don´t hear a sound

I must keep dancing, singing and prancing, keeping my spirits up


Sometimes when I am sitting alone
In the subway or in the cafeteria or on a plane
Watching people
I have to think of the fact that we live on a planet
That is racing through
A mysterious black universe
Of which we know nothing
Except that it is endless
And that we are a mere tiny particle
lost in this vast realm
hurtling around a fireball
And yet we do our chores,
we feed our cats; try to survive taxes, politicians and talk shows
Pointedly ignoring the fear hovering over our heads
Balancing the sky and the heavens
With nothing to hold to
Except each other
And in spite of this impossible situation
We believe in justice, in honesty and decency
And that there will be a happy end.

And I feel touched by the fact
That we are so weak and yet so tenacious
So ignorant and yet so hopeful
That we refuse to give up or in
And I look around and see the lined faces
The grey hair the heavy bags
The worn out shoes
And am amazed that the magical spark of survival is always there
Willing to overcome
To stubbornly resist all odds

And I feel a wave of awe sweep away my doubts and worries
And I feel a joy so strong
That I suddenly believe
There could be
A happy end
In spite of it all.

Bonus Tracks:


We are living in times that are changing so fast it makes people feel dizzy.
The old timers desperately try to hold on to old-fashioned idols and scream
“back to the coal ovens and church Sundays” not realizing that their favorite wine bars are serviced by robots and their houses surveyed by Google.

The space age has arrived in which less is more and I cloud replaces storage rooms. Share your car, your workspace, your computer…
Everything must be light because the cheap airlines we use to travel to our next homes only allow 50 pounds of luggage and airbnb doesn´t offer storage rooms.
The world is so full of humans and their garbage it is overflowing into the oceans and flying into space.

So man must be born anew, to a new horizon without weight, height or width. A non-material world. We need more space. Our populations are exploding,
But earth has given us all she has.
There are too many.
There is too much.

So we must widen the space within. Escape to another level of reality.
Like Facebook with a lot of virtual friends so that we do not get lonely.. except without Facebook.

The coffin homes in Hong Kong house 200 000 inhabitants already today.
China has been preparing this for years. While the trust fund babies buy global visas and multiple multiplex apartments in Berlin, London and NY that all look the same. They spend 99% of the world wide gross income on real estate because that is the best way to make slaves. What they want is that we all just sit in a small room and pay high rents and work all day to earn them.
That way we are kept so busy we cannot think. Only worry and live in fear.
Fear is great for profit.

Nonetheless the last urban farmers try to outsmart Monsanto by planting extinct seeds to grow organic tomatoes that will not kill us. Sustainability, something that the new generation understands to be given in order to survive, means giving up the old world.
They can hear the new world calling.

Winter is almost over.
Probably just one more great storm.

Die Wüste Meiner Seele

Blaues, grünes Laub auf meinen Wimpern
Färbt mein Leben grau.
Häuserruinen schmücken die Landschaft
Sinkend in des Morgentau.

Rettungsringe lassen grüßen
Rotgestreiftes Sonderboot
Tote liegen querkariert
Auf den Stränden unserer Träume.
Ein Seelenspiel mit Schatten..
Ziehen langsam seufzend
Hinter uns vorbei.
Kleine Hunde Bellen traurig
Keine Hilfe weit und breit.

Mein Online Kalender ist kaputt
Was soll ich nur machen?
Welchen Plug-In benützt du denn?
Kannst du mir einen Server empfehlen?

Zerbrechliche Strukturen säumen den Horizont.
In Berlin regnet es seit Wochen nicht mehr.
Die Spree ist nur noch.

Das Teeservice ist von meiner Großmutter
Sie hat es über alles geliebt und es hat sie
durch den Krieg getragen
Es er den schon vorbei?
Der Krieg?

Leuchtend, strahlend hell.
Was war es noch?

Wie bin ich nur hierhin gekommen?

Klirrend schlägt die Pauke einen rostigen drei viertel Takt
Würden sie mit mir gehen?
Wohin? Wohin nur?

An das Ende der Welt.

Aber das Ende.. das Ende ist doch schon da…
Die Wohnungstür ist leicht angelehnt
Die Stimmen überschlagen sich und trommeln an den Fensterscheiben.

Der Nebel kommt.
Der weiße, schwere stille Nebel.

Wo ist meine Handtasche?
Könnte Ich Ihr Visa sehen?
Hier geht es nicht mehr weiter.

Ich sehe nur noch Rosen.
War es alles nur ein Traum?
Aber wozu denn dann das Ganze?


released May 15, 2019

All music and lyrics written and performed by Danielle de Picciotto
Mixes engineered by Alexander Hacke at Studio 65 Berlin, assisted by Utku Sahin
Electric bass guitar on Dark Butterfly and Sehnsucht by Alexander Hacke
Mastered by Dog Young At Kennel Mastering, Berlin
All Artwork by Danielle de Picciotto
Album & Catalogue Design/Layout Peter Jones
Back Cover Photography Sylvia Steinhäuser
Published by Freibank
Label Louder Than War
Distributer SRD England, Morr Music Digital Germany


all rights reserved



hackedepicciotto Berlin, Germany

hackedepicciotto are Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto.

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